All You Need To Know About The 3 Day Diet Plan

The 3-Day Diet Plan is one of the most efficient ways to tone down your body if you are headed to the beach with friends, or if you want to make sure that you will fit in that dress that you bought for your wedding day. When you are on this short-term diet plan, you can expect that the effects will not be long-term and that you can gain the weight back right away. It will be dependent on your, and how you will continue to eat after doing the Military diet, which is you consuming small amounts of calories in a day to achieve weight loss.

3 Day Diet Plan

It is also called a three-day diet plan because of the dangers you can potentially get from extending the days with that kind of meal plan. Doctors say that in taking less than 1200 calories can make you feel weak and maybe get you to pass out because of the lack of energy you are giving your body. That is why for the remaining four days of the week, you are encouraged to eat a bit more to keep you functioning, but the calorie count has to remain a minimum. During the diet days, you are only allowed three meals in a day, which means no snacks in between those meals. During the break, you are allowed snacks in between, and the food you intake will not be as picky as the first three days.

The three-day diet is not so strict when it comes to the kind of food you want to eat; this diet is open to food substitutions as long as you hit the number of calories that you should eat in a day. Just make sure that you aren’t going to eat food that is high in fat and sugar, try to replace it with something with a similar amount of calories to the original food you were supposed to eat.

You should try and keep your body hydrated by drinking as much water as you can within a day.  You won’t be gaining more calories by drinking more water, but you will have more chances of losing more weight by making this a habit. You will experience an increase in urination that will remove that salt in your body and decrease the water weight in your body.

Make sure that your kids do not try this diet, they are growing to become adults, and they have a fast metabolism that will breakdown that calories right away. They will feel extremely weak, and their bodies will look frail and skinny. This can also lead them to pick up eating disorders like anorexia; it is recommended that only full grown adults are the ones practicing this diet. Working out can also be limited because of the lack of carbohydrates that you need to be active.

Remember to be careful when you are on this diet, even though this will give you fast results, you can experience negative ones if you are not careful. Do not push yourself to the limit if you feel that it is too much; your safety will be more important than the aesthetics of your body.

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Southern Food For The Soul

I am pretty sure you are aware of the racism that was evident in America between the Whites and the African-American citizens. During the 1960s, about the time racism was put to a halt and the colored people of America claimed their freedom also wanted to imprint their own American culture with food. This is where the term “soul food” naturally came to be, and this is their unique way of cooking meals for their families that have been passed down from generation to generation. Right now, people all over the world are slowly being introduced to the this once foreign culinary cuisine.

Food for the Soul

What kind of cuisine is soul food? In culinary terminology, this type of cooking is known to be home-cooking where you expect to see a lot of ingredients like beans, green, pork, and cornmeal. Pork is their main ingredient and source of protein; they find a million and one ways to use this meat to create a unique meal that is bursting with flavor. They aren’t picky with the part of the pig that they use; they will find a way to make a meal out of pig ears, pig feet, and even chitlins. If you are wondering what refreshments they serve, you can expect to chug down a drink that is sweet and cold.

If you want to experience authentic Southern food, try going into a soul food Brooklyn-based restaurant. You should try their pan-fried fish which is done simply but with a lot of grandma’s secret touch and a lot of love. They usually use cuts of fillet which they soak in a milk bath, dip it in flour, then soak it again before covering it with yellow cornmeal. They fry the fish on each side for 5 minutes each; you can expect an extra crispy, well cooked, and flavorful seafood meal.
One of the all-time favorite side dishes that people love in soul food is their collard greens. You can expect this dish to be healthy, but with a sweet and savory taste that will be a great combination with your main courses. They usually drop in ham or bacon into the pan until it browns and the juices are released. They then add onions, red pepper, salt, and lastly the green which they simmer until it softens and soaks up all the flavor coming from the cooking pot.

Southern style pancakes are also known as the famous “Johnny Cakes.” This pancake looking dish is made out of yellow cornmeal and it will great to pair it up with maple syrup or with beans or greens. They prepare this meal by heating milk and butter until it simmers, they then add flour, sugar, cornmeal, and salt mixed with beaten eggs. This will create a pancake-like batter which they also cook similar to pancakes. This is a classic southern meal that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

Soul food has only recently seen their exposure grow bigger as the years goes by, If you haven’t an authentic southern meal, then make sure that you add that to your food bucket list. It will be a great experience as you will feel the love with grandma’s home cooking.

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